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The Submssion Gift by Solace Ames

The Submission Gift - Solace Ames

Love is a funny thing. It's not always "Happily Ever After. The End." but a journey you take with another person.


Jay and Adriana are lovers. I use this term because they're not just "in love" with each other they are actively loving each other. Jay had been injured in an accident, the bills were mounting and Adriana was working overtime to cover everything. Stress that might break any relationship but the two of them struggled to go through it together. They have a passionate and satisfied sex life but they both understand that they have other needs where their sexualities are concerned. Enter Paul, a Dominant and bi-sexual sex worker.


This is also the story of broken people. Jay is unemployed and recovering from his accident, Adriana is brittle from a hostile work environment and Paul is atoning for past mistakes. After a financial windfall, what starts out as a purely pay for sex (and temporary) relationship becomes more. Paul is a piece of the puzzle Jay and Adriana didn't know they missing. And Paul, in turn, feels as if he has been given a chance at love in these two. I loved the relationship between the three of them. Paul was able to fill a void in Jay and Adriana's lives and vice versa.


Oh, and the sex was hot. It rant the gamut of sweet and loving to kinky and dirty.


All in all I enjoyed the book. Some parts didn't seem fully polished or fleshed out. Particularly for me the antagonism that Adriana faced at the restaurant and the characters in Paul's seedy Las Vegas past. I had a hard time remembering the name of Adriana's kitchen nemesis and his specific transgressions. Paul's past didn't seem to haunt him much until near the end of the book. And even then it didn't seem to affect him in the present.


Otherwise it was a very enjoyable read that explored the issues and needs of non-heteronormative characters. This is something that can't always be approached well in romantic fiction but I feel that it was in this book. The author has a singular voice in this genre and I am eager to see what she produces next!